Words, Work, and Worries


June 13, 2011 by travelingsole

Sometimes words don’t come. They are up there. But they are so confused by all the other stuff up there that they just don’t come out in the correct order. I’ve started 3 or 4 posts in the long absence. The words didn’t come.

The last 3 weeks I think I should have just found a cave and hidden out. I should have stomach ulcers and shoulders so tight they are holding up my ears. Sales have been so crazy. The office has been so crazy. Ship this here. Ship that there. Every. Single. day. My main co-worker was gone for last week. So I was here every day from 8 am to 630 pm. Today I took parts orders, and collected, and packaged, and shipped to cruise ship load of different customers. It’s the beginning of hay season. So all our customers are using their accumulators (www.kuhnsmfg.com) for the first time and they need help with this and that. Plus I may not be a farmer but I halfways live on a farm so that means I have to run this or that field and pick this up and take it there.

Just one of the many loads we shipped

What would life be like without stress? Three weeks ago I was just getting off a bender about my tickets for that foreign country. I didn’t have anyone to travel with me. Then I had one option but we both would have had to compromise. Then I basically went off the deep end. It felt like I was being pulled apart. I knew God wanted me to go but things weren’t working out so I started to question.

Then with the help of someone else I prayed. Within 24 hrs, God came through for me. I was told about someone that was flying to the exact same place from the exact same city. I did have to compromise on the dates but God answered my prayer. I felt like all the weight and worry that I was carrying around was lifted. I bought my tickets and applied for my visa.

Btw, visas are royally confusing. Thankfully I had great people helping gather the information I needed. I had to have my travel itinerary, visa photos, my passport of course, the address where I can be reached during the duration of my stay, the phone number, etc, etc etc… But within 2 weeks I had my passport back with my visa stamped right in it. 90 days in country. Just like I asked.

God is faithful. But why does it take so much for me, us to turn to Him. Maybe it’s all my independence. Maybe it’s pride. But He is faithful when we call on Him.

How about you guys leave a few comments and tell me about some of the prayers God has answered for you recently.

Until next time,



3 thoughts on “Words, Work, and Worries

  1. Cindy Fox says:

    well, I’ll say right away that that is a big answer to prayer for us – your 90 day visa! PTL!! Thanks for sharing the exciting news. Looking forward to your arrival!

  2. Irene Sue Byler says:

    Thanks for posting Karli! God has answered many prayers but recently I was really praying for answers to dad’s blood problem. Last Saturday this Amish lady (sent by God) came in to Fig Tree…Mary was talking about dad’s health & this lady wanted to know what was wrong…when Mary told her she said “My husband has that same blood disease”!! It’s so rare only one in a 100,000 or so have it! WOW! Her husband is planning a mtg with the family to tell us how he coped! PTL!!

  3. Becca says:

    Oh, I am so GLAD things are coming together for you! I’ve been wanting a bicycle to ride on errands around town to save on gas money… plus, it’s just a lot more fun. After halfheartedly looking for one, I finally prayed about it. The next day, Carla called me and said Geryll bought one for me at a garage sale. When will I ever learn that our Father LOVES to bless us with GOOD things when we ASK? 🙂 I so identify with the “trying to do it all myself” thing…

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