My “nephew”


June 29, 2011 by travelingsole

None of my siblings are getting married anytime soon so I’ve decided to adopt a nephew. A family from our church moved in across the street several years ago.  Sometimes I get to babysit for them.

Michael Lane – The sweetest child. My nephew. His parents are always telling me that I have to tell him no sometimes. Get him to look you in the eye and tell him no. His expression is always so sad when I have to do this. It makes me sad so I try not to get into situations where I have to tell him no. When I have him for a day or so my world revolves around him.



He has three favorite things. well 4 if you count me but that would sound conceited. 🙂

#1 is four-wheeler rides. I taught him how to turn it on. It’s a two-step process and it took a bit for him to remember which button was the starter but he’s got it down. My mom and I had him pretty consistently for the last three weeks. He doesn’t say many words but two he knows well is Karleen and four-wheeler. He loves when the dog goes along. Waldo used to run along side. I would drive slow so he could keep up. Then my sister taught him how to ride on the four-wheeler. He just hops right up. He loves it too. And Michael giggles when Waldo hangs his tongue out.


#2 His second favorite thing is the toys. Having 4 brothers grow up in our house that loved Hotwheels cars, and trucks, and tractors…. We accumulated quite a collection of fun boys’ toys. Michael begs my mom or I to sit down and play with him. He gives you this puppy-dog look and says “toys, toys” I think it must be a boy thing but the best thing ever is when you drive two cars into each other and do the sound effects. The bigger the crash the bigger the laugh.

#3 is books. He loves books. Sometimes he gets a little bored if there are too many words and not enough pictures. But he comes and gets me and says “Book”. A little man of few words but he usually can get his point across.


 In the last three weeks he has started talking a lot more. He spent half the time with another friend, Cindy, and her two children, Aaron and Bekah. They are some more of his favorite people. Cindy was telling me that he follows Aaron around and repeats everything  Aaron says. That has at least doubled his vocabulary.


Michael and I are an interesting combination. He speaks and understands mostly PA dutch. I of course prefer English. So I have been speaking a lot of dutch. Thankfully he’s young enough that he doesn’t laugh at my grammar. Sometimes it takes a bit for me to explain what I want him to do in dutch. Yesterday we had some old friends stop by. They had two little girls. I found myself talking dutch to them. I could barely force myself to speak English. 🙂

Michael has a brand new baby brother. Felix Mark. I held him yesterday for a half hour. He’s a premie and so incredibly small. 6 lbs. Very precious. He sleeps and sleeps. I had to stare at him sometimes just to be sure he was breathing. Maybe I can post pictures of him soon.

Until next time,




2 thoughts on “My “nephew”

  1. tisagifttoreceive says:

    Karli! I’m delighted to find your blog! I love how you love the little people in your world. =)

    • Thank you for the affirmation Anita. I don’t know if you are following the story about Casey Anthony… It just makes me so extremely sad that someone could harm such an innocent child. Casey was found not guilty (appauling) but that doesn’t mean that her little girl is coming back. Children are so precious and it makes me so happy to love them.

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