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August 22, 2011 by travelingsole

I’ve been neglecting, procrastinating, and avoiding. I do have somewhat of an excuse. My computer is on the fritz. Day 1 worked fine. Day 2 wouldn’t charge. Day 3 dead battery. Day 4 figure out the cord must be fried. Day 5 or 6 new cord thanks to Marland. Day 7 charging computer yay!!!! 5 minutes later Screen fried. Day 8 screen black sometimes blinks on figure out it’s the monitor. Day 9 Good morning open computer and it’s working!!!!! SO excited send out a happy email. Work on computer an hour at least. Day 10. Ok the screen really is fried.

So all that to say…. I had an excuse. But now I don’t because someone lent me a laptop to use while I’m here. It’s not mine but it works fine. So posts of pictures coming. Maybe I’ll share a few yet just to keep you on the line.

My reason for coming is these kids (and their truly, wonderful parents of course)….

The girls - L to R Vanessa, Kirsti, Candace, Moriah, and Katriel

I’ve only been here 2 weeks and already I love these kids. They love me too apparently since they tell me I’m their best friend. 🙂 Kids are so accepting.

My schedule is too confusing to explain well but the idea is that I spend time at each house each week. There are 4 families with young children. 3 of those families, I spend 3 mornings or afternoons at each house throughout the week. The other family just came the same time I did so I’m just going there 1 afternoon as of right now. So in a day I’m usually at one house in the morning and another in the afternoon. Lunch at the first place and supper at the second. It’s nice all I have to do is provide my own breakfast. Cereal. Or scrambled eggs in chapatis (tortillas). Oh and then I have weekends off. Weekends here are Friday and Saturday. So Fridays I guess I “cook” for myself too. Saturdays I’m usually with the group so meals provided.

Some of the things I’ve done so far work-wise… Entertaining children – blowing bubbles, reading “A Pocket for Corduroy” and other books, playing Candyland, Uno, Sorry, etc., playing Bears and Elephants, playing sick person, and then some more intelligent things like grading for the homeschoolers, putting up a timeline, teaching kindergarten, teaching an Art class… I’m sure I will get into lots of different things.

Here are a few more pictures for now….

Sisters - Katriel and Moriah

Oh, just a little explanation. Above you will see Katriel and Moriah are wearing their ‘Bengali clothes’. All children here will usually wear western clothes until they are adolescents. But they usually have a few 3 piece outfits. Except they ditched the ornas/scarves here.

Me, with Katriel, and Chayla


Dolls in tow -Candace, Katriel, Kirsti, Moriah, Chayla in the back, and Vanessa

Candace, Katriel, and Kirsti are all turning 5 this fall. Moriah and Vanessa are 3. And Chayla is 2. There are actually boys too. Seth, Nic, Joshua, and Caden. But I just haven’t gotten pictures of them uploaded yet.

Ok my brain is officially shutting down. Sorry this was somewhat unintelligent and uninspired…

Up next is probably either about Ramadan or maybe, oh so exciting!, Cockroaches!! I killed 1 big one and about 20 tiny ones tonight. Thankfully they have learned to stay out of my room.

Abar daekha hobe


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