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August 31, 2011 by travelingsole

Today is Eid. It is celebrated here like we celebrate Christmas. Exchanging gifts. Going home to the villages. Wearing your best. New clothes. Lots of good food. Lots of meat. Guests in your homes.
Today I am going next door to my neighbors for lunch. They said to come around 1-1:30 and they will eat at 2. I think I will go over in a couple minutes. As soon as I get off here. I’m not sure what all to expect. I am taking a hostess gift of Gala apples and Smarties (that I brought with me from the States).
What I’m expecting…
1. Take shoes off at door. (always do that here) And give them the gift.
2. Be welcomed and sit in living room. Maybe sit there alone for a long time depending on how many people are there. Hostess will be in the kitchen. Host and young sons may sit and talk to me…
3. Eat lunch. Eat with right fingers. Silverware may be offered but I’m not going to use them. I have practice eating with my hand. Left hand not to be used unless absolutely necessary. Left hand is bad. Will watch for chili peppers. Chilis are hot. I have eat a few by mistake already. 🙂 Like I told Lynita one day “They are kinda like roaches. You have to look out for them.”
4. Going to be offered lots and lots of food. They will try to shovel more on my plate when I say no to thirds. Cover plate with hands to avoid this problem.
5. Can talk to host and hostess and young sons in English. They speak good English. Thankfully. 🙂 But be careful not to talk about some things. Like my friends that are dating. (Dating is not done here) I can ask them about their beliefs and I can talk about mine. I want to ask them what Eid is all about and some of the customs. (Update on that later)
6. Can take leave after eating, but may have to roll out the door and into mine. (Our apartments share one wall.)
Tata for now,


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