Candace and Chayla

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September 17, 2011 by travelingsole

I would like to introduce you to the children in my life right now. I love kids. They are so loving and accepting.

Candace and Chayla are my first two charges of the week. I go to their house Sunday morning, Tuesday morning, and Thursday afternoon. Often the girls are still sleeping when I get there. I read or enjoy an iced coffee until they wake up.

Candace is 4 almost 5. She is a very mature 4 year old. She is not a morning person so I try to be too cheerful for the first while. If she is ok with it I read several books to her until she is fully awake. Candace is a very self-entertained child. She can play for hours by herself. Sometimes I see her “reading”  a book to herself. She has the biggest imagination. She doesn’t usually “read” loud enough for me to listen in. If she catches me trying she just stops “reading”. Last Tuesday morning I played house with Candace and Chayla for a long time. I was the “mom” then she was the “mom” then we were both moms and we were friends. She went grocery shopping. Once when I was the “little girl” she sent me to school. Sorry the picture of Candace and I is a little blurry but Chayla took it so it will have to do. I’d say it’s a pretty good picture for a two year old.

Chayla is 2. She is a morning person. She always comes out of her room with her blankey looking so happy. She comes to me and I sit and sing to her until I have sung my entire repertoire.  She doesn’t like if I sing two verses of the same song. She stops me and says “we already did that one” in her little Chayla speak. She doesn’t talk very clearly so it has been interesting figuring out what she’s saying. She has already learned how to speak so much clearer since I’m here. Chayla is also just potty trained. She is very good about telling someone when she has to go potty. She gets a very little piece of candy as a reward. 🙂 When Chay is nervous or she’s being shy she twists her tongue and kinda bites it. She has a tell. This picture shows her very serious but she has a wonderful smile too. She just doesn’t do smiles when my camera is out.

Candace and Chayla both love tea parties. Chayla always drinks her whole cup of tea and immediately says “More”. She loves Koolaid. Last week I built them a house out of sheets over two drying racks. We sat in the little house and drank our tea. They loved it. (thanks to their mom Cindy for the idea.:)

Other things I do with them. We go play up on the roof when it’s not too hot. We blow bubbles and they ride their scooters. There is an old porch swing up there where a sit and watch them play or give them rides. The roof is very dirty but it has a great view and it’s fun to get out in the sun without hundreds of people around. Sometimes it’s really really hot though. We also build houses with legos. Set up the train set. Play with their toy food. Dolls. Read books. They love when I bring my own books along because they have something new to read. Chayla likes to interrupt the story. She’s “Hey, hey, hey” and she taps you until you stop. Then she points something that caught her attention or asks a question.

I love Candace and Chayla. They have give me so much love and I enjoy loving them back.

I have to get ready to leave now so I will introduce the others later. I am headed to Marlands to play games with some of our visitors. We have a group here from Thailand. Three of the girls are staying with me. 🙂 It’s great to have people living with me. I am usually here by myself.

Oh also… I leave for the village on Wednesday for a week. I’m going to Faripur a village 4 or 5 hours from here. I will be staying with a British family. They have 4 children. I am going to just help out at their house for a while and get some village experience at the same time. They live in a nice flat so it’s not like I’ll be staying in a hut. No worries I will still have a shower, toilet, and a bed.

Oh and when I come back from the village I will be moving into another flat. The place I’m staying now… the people are coming back from home leave so I am moving. I will be in the same building as Ellis’. That will be great. They are the family that are expecting a new baby in the first week of October. It will be so nice to be close enough to help out with the baby. Plus that flat has a water heater. 🙂 Winter is coming so I will be SO grateful for warm showers.

Anyway I have to go. I know I’m terrible at updating so I will try but I can’t promise anything soon because I am really busy.

Have a good weekend,



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