Katriel, Moriah, and Caden


September 26, 2011 by travelingsole

I got back from the village Faridpur this morning. I spent a week there with a family. More on that another day. For now we’ll continue with introductions.

I am at Jeremy and Susanna’s (or Sanny) on Sunday afternoon, Monday afternoon, and Wednesday morning. (I think that’s right. 🙂 Anyway. Here are kids and a few little things about them.

Caden and I. He does smile especially when he’s being held upside down. He smiles a lot but just stares at a camera.Caden is 10 months old. He’s a chub. An adorable one. He loves to be with people and doesn’t like being left in a room by himself. He enjoys being outdoors or on the veranda if he go outside for real. Another thing that makes him really happy is going do to be with Shobuj the guard. Shobuj is young and loves Caden as much as Caden loves him.

I love putting Caden to sleep. I always start with singing “Jsus loves me” to him. I work through my repertoire or just make up a minor tune to the words for “Jsus loves Me”. It usually doesn’t take long before he’s sacked out.

One day I had Caden in the walker and he disappeared. The flat is rather small and he somehow wasn’t anywhere to be found. Then I remembered to check the veranda. There he was with his big sister Katriel. She’d taken him out there when he got fussy. If it’s too hot to go up to the roof (which is most days) the veranda a great place to hang out. The bars are close enough together that even a small child can’t fall out. Caden loves to watch cars, people, anything that’s happening on the street. The girls like to blow bubbles and climb on the bars.

Moriah is a sweetheart. That’s the best description for her. She does get mad spells but she is a gentle soul. She loves to play Go Fish, Old Maid, Uno, and lots of other games. Sometimes she puts the cards between her toes to hold them. She has quite the toes. 🙂 She can never hide her cards from anyone even with constant coaxing. We’ve started playing Uno with everyone just laying their cards out for everyone to see. It just works better that way. Moriah often tells me that I am her best friend. Me and Joshua (one of older boys here) and her friend Betty Hender Fannie (a friend she made up).

Moriah with Kim Yoder in a CNG. Kim was here for 10 days with a small group from Indiana.

We went to CUP and Hand and Cloth one day. They are both programs that work with very poor women that are either pregnant or have young children. CUP is mostly a place to go when they want to shower, eat food, get basic medical help and other things like that. Those ladies are mostly homeless. They don’t have beds there. CUP tries to help them reconnect with relatives that can take them into their homes. Hand and Cloth is a program that is a sequel to CUP. They are employed there and make sari blankets (sari blankets are a Bangladeshi tradition much like the American quilting tradition). The sari blankets are then sold and all the proceeds go toward supporting the program. One of the the great things about CUP and H&C is the children. There are lots of little children. It’s so much fun to hold them. It is hold at your own risk though because none of them wear diapers.

Me and a baby at H&C Daycare

Moriah at CUP.

Katriel just turned 5. She is a very grown up 5 year old. She is still in kindergarten but she can read a lot. She sounds out words very fast. She loves to show her skills. She is a good a little “mom”. She has long blonde curly hair. She and Moriah for the most part play very well together. Katriel just started to color really really well. She’s learning quickly how to stay in the lines. One day I was coloring with her and we had the same picture to color. Very quickly I realized she was coloring exactly the same colors as I was. She wanted to make her picture pretty like mine.

Katriel being a great little “mother”.

And one last picture. This picture is for Carolyn. She helped at Jeremy’s for 9 months. The kids still miss her very much. One day when I took them to KFC I was teaching them what a toast is. Like cheers. Lifting your glasses to a special person. So we toasted Carolyn with strawberry shakes.

Goodbye for now. I’m moving tomorrow so I want to make my rounds at the neighbors to say goodbye. I’m going to Sinthia’s first. She is a great girl.




4 thoughts on “Katriel, Moriah, and Caden

  1. sampriti says:

    Hi Karleen Apa Had A great time with you See You Soon
    Bye Good Night

    • I had a great time too Sampriti. I’m not sure how to say little sister in Bangla. 🙂 Next time I see you we’ll have to figure out what I’m supposed to call you.
      Karleen Apa

  2. Anita says:

    I love seeing how you see into what the children like/want, and how well you love them. You are gifted that way!

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