Rickshaws, CNGs, Buses, Autos…

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October 8, 2011 by travelingsole

People keep asking me, “What is a rickshaw?” Well I will post a picture so that you don’t have to imagine or google anymore.  Along with other modes of transport found in the city and village. There are thousands of rickshaws in the city.

Friends from IGo - It is possible to put three adults on a rickshaw. It gets interesting when it's me with three children on a rickshaw. I've done that several times. Maybe tomorrow I'll do it again and actually get a picture.

This bus is actually not half bad. Almost every singles bus here has sides scraped up much worse than this. And there are usually people hanging out the door because it’s so full.  These are the city buses that travel around in Dhaka. 

Repeat picture but it's the only picture I have of a green public transport CNG. They feel like being in a cage that's zipping around through traffic.

Private CNG - compressed natural gas - Sometimes private CNGs are pink. Often they are gray.

This is the front end of the bus that I rode to the village. It's a common occurence to hear about a bus tipping over. Photo credit to Jeremy Y.

The ferry on the way to the village

These are called autos and they have electric engines. They are kinda like a CNG but use a different powering system. They are very quiet and so smooth but irritating horns and turning signal sounds.

A tiller with a truckbed attached. Seen only in the village. They belch smoke too much to be allowed in the city.

I mostly travel by walking or rickshaw.  On a regular work day I hire a rickshaw three times.They are cheap and easy to find. Well normally. But sometimes you have to walk all the way to the grocery store dragging a 3 year old. 🙂 She had a running commentary though so it was great.

Oh I do travel by hired private car once a week to take the boys (Nic and Seth – to be introduced) to piano lessons. And there are blue taxis and yellow taxis.

Ok, I have to sleep. It’s getting really late and I just remembered I’m teaching SS tomorrow morning. Thankfully there will only be 3 girls tomorrow. Should be an easy day.

Have a good day,


PS. I finally changed the time zone on the blog so it should start posting my time. It’s 10 hrs ahead of EST.


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