Seth. Nic. Kirsti. Welcome Annalise Joy


October 20, 2011 by travelingsole

So I moved a couple weeks ago (the place where I was staying – the people were returning). Anyway so I moved into the same building as these dear children. These children just got a new baby sister the day before I moved in. It’s so handy to be so close and I love my new “roach-free” place (note: that is relatively roach-free). So introducing…

Seth is 9. His dad calls him Seth-o. He’s in 4th grade. Seth loves to read. He has a Kindle that gets a lot of use. He also has lots of books that he loves to read. I love to hear little tid-bits of the stories he’s reading. As his mom told me today… Seth is a very disciplined person. He might not enjoy a task but he always tries to complete it. He doesn’t like sweets. I was invited to his birthday supper. Not cake with frosting (which is my favorite). He had lemon bars cut out in the shape of a dog. Seth enjoys cricket, reading, telling stories, and playing with Nic and Kirsti.

Seth loves to read

Niccolas is 7. Nic loves to read. He loves to rhyme. If you say a word he just might say a word that rhymes with it. Nic is in 2nd grade. He works fast and is often done early. He loves to make up wildย scenarios. He could tell stories all day if you listened. A lot of people ask if Nic and Seth are twins. I often call them by the wrong name. They know to go by the person that I’m looking at rather than by the name that I say. I try hard but fail often.

Nic practicing piano

Kirsten is 5. Just turned 5. Can you guess by now? She loves when I read to her. Kirsti is in kindergarten. She is very much a girly girl… She loves to play with her dolls. She also likes playing with her brothers. I often find them playing legos, trucks, animals, hiding toy tik tikis in the trees… Kirsti does not like to be the center of attention. She loves to sit on my lap. If I’m sitting at the table grading and I will often look up and realize “Oh Kirsti is sitting on my lap”. She adores her new baby sister.

Kirsti pretending it's 30 degrees instead of 90

Annalise Joy. The new addition. She smiled at Kirsti for the first time yesterday. ๐Ÿ™‚ She was born Nov. 28. She’s a beautiful tiny baby. Having her here helps (how do you like that alliteration?), ease the “pain” of missing out on the first 4 months of baby Felix at home. Annalise is much loved by her family and me.

Annalise Joy - with her very loving siblings

I had the privilege of taking the children to the hospital to meet their new sister

Waiting for them to bring Annalise home

They love her very, very much.

Kirsti just had her 5th birthday. Annalise is her birthday present.

When I’m at their house for the morning or afternoon I usually help with homeschooling. (I’ve been asked many times if I am a teacher and this is the first real school teaching I’ve done.) Mornings… Seth and Nicย often do book work on their own between 7-8. They are early birds and getting them started on school work gives them something to do. I usually get there at 8:45 and get the grading caught up. The children are usually in various stages of getting ready and/or doing morning chores. School starts sometime between 9-9:30. I do devotions and Bible Memory with them. After that I’m usually busy grading, getting them to do corrections, and helping Kirsti with her numbers, letters, and sounds until 10:30-11. Then it’s Oral Language Exercise, Spelling with Seth, and once a week an Art lesson with all three. This week we sketched and colored a cityscape. If we have time before lunch I do reading and flash cards with the boys. We always have Bengali food for lunch. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yum! Rice, dall (lentils), cooked veggies, and eggs or chicken or beef. And yes we eat with our fingers.

When I’m there on Tuesday afternoons I take the boys to piano lessons across town. We usually take a hired driver but this week we took CNG. It was my first time hiring a CNG on my own. ๐Ÿ™‚ It went smoothly and it was cheaper so we might try that again. I love going to the piano teacher’s house. Air-conditioned house. Freezing cold :). We get to wrap up in blankets and sit on overstuffed couches! One of the boys goes in for a lesson and I do reading and flash cards with the other one. Then it switches. I often get to take a short nap there. It’s so much fun sitting on a real couch again. Here we just have bamboo couches with a little padding. It takes us 30 minutes to an hour to get there, we’re there for an hour, then an hour back. Traffic on the way back is always worse. Then sometimes we get to go play on the roof for a little before supper.

More another day,

Auntie Karleen

PS Still not getting comments. Thanks for reading though.


11 thoughts on “Seth. Nic. Kirsti. Welcome Annalise Joy

  1. Titus Kuhns says:

    comment ๐Ÿ™‚

    sounds like nice children

  2. Joanne says:

    Karli!! It’s great to read another update from you. Way to go with your teaching! I keep telling you that you need to seriously consider teaching for real. I know you have it in you! Thinking of you and miss you! – Joanne

    • Oh Joanne, I don’t know if I could do what you do. You live a crazy life. I like my social life and free time way too much to be a school teacher. Maybe I’ll stick to substituting every now and then. I do love to teach the kids new things though. Maybe I’m too selfish. Thanks for reading and commenting. I means a lot. Love you and miss you too!

  3. I enjoy your blog very much. I read it every time as soon as it is posted. I’m sorry, I haven’t commented much. Have you commented on my site? Just kidding!! ๐Ÿ™‚ See you Saturday if not before.

    • Thanks Marland. That means a lot. I always check your blog as soon as you post too. Google reader is so cool. I have commented on your site several times. ๐Ÿ™‚ See you Saturday or maybe tomorrow. I need to call Alice and see if I can go through the outfits. I need to go the tailor tomorrow…. Thanks for commenting.

  4. ahobowithahome says:

    Karli, I love when you post and I read everything. Love the pictures too! –Esther

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