Joshua. Katelyn. Allison. Vanessa


December 3, 2011 by travelingsole

When I was making traveling arrangements to Bangladesh I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to find anyone to travel with me. It was a 3o hour trip and I didn’t want to make it alone. I searched and searched for someone who was going to SE Asia. No one was going. I was about to give up when I heard about Henry and Deb’s family. I had to adjust my schedule a bit but it worked out that I could travel half way around the world with them. It was a miracle. It was the confirmation that I was supposed to go.

Joshua is 12. He is the grown up older brother. He loves living in BD. He loves studying the language. Every day he does his regular school work then goes to language class with his dad at 2. He works hard and does well. He also enjoys reading and listening to Adventures and Odyssey online. He’s a very good gamer. Board games not video, although he’s good at the gameboy too. He loves Settlers of Catan. Oh and he picks on his little sisters just like my brothers used to pick on me.

Beating the unbeatable gameboy bmx race

Katelyn is nine. She is growing into an amazing young lady. She enjoys playing with Joshua and his friends Seth and Nic. She likes Settlers too. Katelyn is the same size as her younger sister Allison but she doesn’t seem to have a complex about it. Katelyn and Allison were the ones that did all sorts of card tricks and rubber band tricks when I stayed with them in New York City.

Traveling to/from Kolkata

Allison is 7. It’s hard to believe she’s only 7. She’s in 2nd grade. She loves to read. Ok let me rephrase that. SHE LOVES TO READ. She devours books. When their family moved to BD they didn’t bring a ton of books. The families that have been there longer have bigger book collections. She borrows them, reads them all, and comes back for more. I’m afraid by the time they leave in May she will be out of reading material. Allison sent me the loveliest email this morning. It was so sweet. I have to show you a little excerpt.

We plaid skotlind  yard.My dad bought Christmas lites. Vanessa sead: their byutiful we can dance in them! love Allison. I love you too Allison. I miss you like crazy.

Allison is on the right her friend new best friend Havelah is the one in purple

Vanessa is 4. She just had a birthday. Vanessa is a bubbling sunshiny little girl. She always came running with Allison when I came. She’d throw herself at me for a hug. Whenever you hold Vanessa she likes to rub your arm. Your elbow is the best but if you have long sleeves she doesn’t mind rubbing your hand. Her mom says she did that from a very young age. I think it’s a love language thing. Vanessa is a city girl to the core. Dogs and cats are okay but she doesn’t like bugs and dirt. When we were in Kolkata she discovered a snail. She started out holding it on a leaf but after a while she actually touched it with her finger.

With her new friend the snail

”]Going to their house was always fun. I would often catch up on grading tests and administer spelling tests, flash cards, and math drills. After that was done we were all free to play games like Life [the card game] and Dutch Blitz. And we always had iced coffee.

I can’t wait til they move back to New York City so we can go visit them again. Next summer can’t come fast enough. Best of luck to you guys.

Until next time,


ps. I am actually stateside again. YAY!!! and WAA! I really really miss “my kids”. I think I cry almost every day but I will get to see them all again when they come stateside over the next couple years. BTW, why does it have to be so cold?!?


2 thoughts on “Joshua. Katelyn. Allison. Vanessa

  1. Deb says:

    The children and I just finished reading your post and it is very sweet! We miss you too- it seems like you should just come walking in the door here one of these days. Allison is shedding a few tears- she would love to see you just now!
    Blessings as you adjust “stateside”! Love from the Blanks

  2. EJ says:

    why does it have to be cold? apparently cuz God wills it….unlike the ariport managers here at Asuncion who have this place like a icebox! Brr!

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