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December 3, 2011 by travelingsole

I spent a week in the village. There is a foreign/bideshifamily that lives there by themselves. They are British. It has been my dream for a long time to spend lots of time around people with a British accent. It’s my favorite accent.

Susie is one of those super moms. Her husband does a lot of traveling. While he was gone for a week I went to help out a little. It was such a wonderful experience. I grew up in the country so after a few months of living an overcrowded city it was good to get out into the fresh air again. I went on the bus.

Yes this is the bus I rode on. Thankfully that damage was done before our trip

William just turned 8. He loves “The All Blacks”. You may wonder what that is… I did too. It’s the New Zealand Rugby team. He has the Haka all memorized. That is their chant in the native New Zealander language, Maori, which they use to intimidate their opponents. He loves to play cricket and Hide and Seek. He is well versed on the differences between British English and America English. He did not know what the term “freak out” meant though. I had to explain that one.

fern. Black and silver are New Zealand's national colors”]Matthew is 6 and a sweetheart. He is very emphatic that you are not allowed to call his hair “beautiful”. Anything but beautiful… including ugly is better. He is a wonderful helper in the kitchen. He enjoys playing cricket and even let me teach him how to play baseball. Little British boy that he is he didn’t know the rules of baseball. William refused to learn.

Matthew with Bunny

Olivia is 5 and the princess of the family. She knows how to put out her pouchy lip and waltz around. She loves to play outside. Going on walks down the little red brick road to pick ferns. She is too young to go outside without adult supervision so she really enjoyed when I was there to go outside. She didn’t like to be “shut up indoors”.

And the pouchy lip that says I don't want you to take a picture

Samuel is the baby. He was 6 months when I was there. He only cried if he was hungry, really tired, or had a dirty nappy/diaper. He was so chubby and fun to hold.

pudgy sammy

I really enjoyed my time with this family. Minus the run in with the 6 inch spider. I am not kidding. I am freaked out! by spiders. When I have nightmares they are a popular topic. I threw a book at it. I know you aren’t supposed to throw books but I hurled that book and the little critter got away. AND even managed to avoid my second, faster, more desperate throw. I had perfect aim too. The book landed exactly where that monster had been. But he was faster than my arm. CREEpY!!!!!! I hate spiders.

Enough on that. It was fabulous week and I would redo it anytime. I would love to go visit their family when they are in London next fall. Cross my fingers.

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