Theory About Mondays (reposted)


February 9, 2012 by travelingsole

Guest Post from myself in 2009:

Everyone hates Mondays. Well maybe not EVERYone but almost everyone. Anyway just agree with me since I’m not having the best Monday and you probably want to keep your head. Ok so. all agreed Everyone hates Mondays.
I always thought we should delete Monday from the calendar of the work week. The weekend should be Saturday, Sunday and Monday… Good plan. Except. for one thing….
Tuesday would become the new Monday. Deleting Monday is no solution.

There are many reasons to hate Mondays
1. It means the weekend is over.
2. You have to go back to work.
3. You are short on sleep.
4. There’s no more food in the refrigerator because you ate it all over the weekend.
5. Oh yeah and everyone else is grumpy on Mondays so there’s a lot of yelling going on.

So the new solution to Mondays. Prepare yourself. It’s a brilliant plan so you may want to put on a pair of shades and sit down. (oops ok so you’re probably already sitting since you are in front of the computer.) Ok well you still have to go run get some sunglasses.

Hurry everyone is waiting on you and getting grumpier by the minute.

Monday- No one should work past noon. So you get out of bed. Get dressed. Get all good and grumpy. Work furiously until noon. Go to the grocery story. Go home. Eat some ice cream. Get back into PJs and sleep the rest of the afternoon. But make sure you sleep. No watching a movie. Reading a book. Going on FB. Checking email or any other activity. Sleep.

Tuesday- You already worked 4-6 hours the day before so the weekend withdrawal is past woes.You got all the grumpys out of your system. You brew a cup of coffee. Go to work with a big smile and a happy heart.

©Elisa Karleen Kuhns
Patent Pending

Interesting thing is now I don’t mind Mondays but I despise Tuesdays. Why? Because you are mentally prepared for Monday and then Tuesday hits like a ton of bricks and it just makes me kinda irritable.


One thought on “Theory About Mondays (reposted)

  1. Mark says:

    ya but how can you go to the grocery shop if no one is working past noon? and hey monday isn’t that bad – its one day closer to friday! I haven’t argued with you for a while.

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