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March 24, 2012 by travelingsole

Ok so some of you know that I am housesitting. I have lived in a house that is not mine for a year and a half. I lived there a year with my best friend Krista and then in December my good friends Heidi and Kristi moved in too. I know it’s not really fair that I get to live there with 3 dear friends. Some people ask “How do you get anything done? Isn’t it like a party all the time?” Yes, it is a party but not all the time. We all have crazy schedules and we are rarely all there at the same time. Last night all three of them were elsewhere. Kristi and Krista both work nights and Heidi and I work days so that mostly the reason for the difference in schedules.

A week ago we had a little excitement going on. I will share with you the email that I sent the homeowners.

Flooding fiasco

🙂 Ok so by the subject you know somethings up…. Yes the basement got a little wet. (I was meaning to email you all week but it’s been so busy. I’m working 60 hrs a week right now.) Here’s the story.

I was away until 11 pm on Thursday night. As I was driving home it started pouring elephants and giraffes. Serious downpour. I almost pulled over to wait it out.

Anyway when I got home I still had to do laundry so I was up late. Around 1230-1 I heard a noise of running water by the window. I looked up and saw that the back yard was very obviously flooded. There was 2 inches of water up against the window in my room. It was leaking in the window seals at a very fast rate of speed. It had puddled on the wide window sill and then started running down the wall. I tried to push it all into a big trash can and I tried blockading it with towels. After a minute or two I realized that we would have to fix the problem from the outside.

I ran upstairs and woke Krista. We used every towel in the house and blockaded the window as best as possible to keep the floor as dry as possible. Then we put on our trusty rain boots, turned on all the exterior flood lights, and headed out in the light rain.

First thing we went to the culvert in the front. From the extreme amount of rain, the leaves and sticks had been carried down the gully and blocked part of the culvert making the water running through the woods and across the back yard. There was so much water it was covering the entire back yard from the tree line, under the the porch, and up to the house. The corner of the house was catching the water and it wasn’t draining. There were raised beds there at some point and it couldn’t get back out of that corner.

We cleared the culvert so it slowed the water running into the back yard. Then we blockaded the water from going around the corner of the house. Wagon on it’s side, the wheelbarrow, and piles of wet leaves and sticks packed together. We were wishing we had sand bags. Then the water that was still stuck in the corner we started barrelling out with buckets and the very large snow shovel. It took a bit but it fixed the problem.

Back inside the carpet was wet a foot into the room. We set up fans and the dehumidifier right away. We sopped up as much as possible with the towels.

The carpet was finally dry after 3 days of running the dehumidifier 24 hrs a day. The carpet needs a little cleaning from all the grit that came in with the water but I don’t think there is too much actual damage… The paint on the window sill probably got a little worse but it was already pealing some so it’s hard to tell.

It was an adventure and we actually enjoyed the challenge of figuring out how we were going to fix the problem. But we thought you would want to know about that… 🙂

The house is a delight to live in. The whole back side is windows. It’s lovely in the afternoon light. 🙂 Lots of natural light. Beautiful. (Sometime I’ll have to share pictures. Not today since I’m using the work computer…) We are very blessed to live there very cheaply and the homeowners are wonderful.

I’m gonna go the vball tourney in Shaekleyville this weekend. Maybe I’ll see a few of you there. Go Team

I would like all of you to pray for my dear friends Josh and Jean. Josh and Jean have a special place in my heart since we were all at Faith Builders Institute together and then we were all in Ireland together when Josh proposed. A couple weeks ago Jean was diagnosed with cancer. See their blog www.joshandjean.wordpress.com for details. They have been married for less than a year. God is able. Just pray for grace and strength through this battle.






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