Yes, I broke down and got one


March 29, 2012 by travelingsole

Before I tell you about my new Kindle Fire I just have to say this. Last night I got home from work. Changed into yard clothes and went straight to work. In 2 hrs I picked up all the sticks (which are plenteous since I live in a wood) and mowed the entire yard (which usually takes 3 hrs.) I had to put on gloves because my poor little secretary hands started developing blisters after the first half hour. I felt so happy after. It looks beautiful.

Ok back to my Kindle Fire.

First a little back story. For our family Christmas lists, we have a shared excel spreadsheet using Google documents (awesome!). So everyone knows everyone’s list and you don’t have to discreetly ask what “your person” wants. There were about 4 out of 5 of us that wanted Kindles. Various versions. My parents and couple siblings despair that there is too much technology in our house. Which I do agree it is a lot and most likely excessive. We all have one or two computers and 4 of 8 have smart phones. I must say that I am quite proud of Titus and Lucas because they sold their smart phones for just regular cell phones that call and text and have voicemail.

Anyway back to the story… For Christmas my parents bought us all books. Each of us got 1-3 books. 🙂 Go Daddy. We loved them all. In fact a lot of them were books that we would have bought. I think by buying us books instead of Kindles he was saying “I’m not going to aid the technology purchasing”. We’ve had this family discussion may times.

I still love books. I love the feel of turning the pages. I love the smell of a new book. I love books. I have 2 good sized bookshelves filled to the brim with books. I used to read and read when I was younger. I’d read instead of working or playing. I loved reading. I resisted the Kindle for a long time because I truly love books.

But… when I travel I always take two books with me. It’s the best past time (besides sudokus and people watching). I have to take 2 along because what if I don’t like one or I finish one? Whenever I pack my entertainment backpack, I have to have 2 books. It gets heavy. Hence the Kindle. Problem solved.

The reason it’s a Kindle Fire instead of a regular Kindle? I always take my laptop when I travel. I always want to be able to check email, the news and blog. The Kindle fire has web capabilities. So not only am I getting rid of 2 books but also my heavy 17″ laptop. It also fits nicely into my purse too. I downloaded the Bible (in several versions) so I don’t carry my travel Bible around anymore.

People ask me why I didn’t get an ipad. Simple. The Kindle Fire is $200 and the ipad is $800. All I need is on the Kindle Fire including books, music, apps, documents, and web.

I kinda felt like I had to justify the purchase but when I actually started using it I realized that I didn’t.

Do any of you have a Kindle? Have you decided to stick to books? What do you think about this age of technology?




Here are some pictures for you yetMy heart did a little leap when I saw the box in the mailbox

Beatiful black surface. So smooth.

I got a cover for it right away. It has all sorts of city names on it.

5 thoughts on “Yes, I broke down and got one

  1. EJ says:

    were i to purchase a tablet, the Fire would be close to the top if not the top choice. the reasons you mentioned are the only reasons i need a tablet. however, for it to be worth it, i’m going to have to be able to use it for business as well or notes for college(had to put that caveat in there 🙂 ). Sorry your laptop is so big. guess I’m spoiled with my Sony Z!

  2. marlandphotos says:

    I haven’t broke down. We went to Darjeeling for Christmas. There at the Coffee Shop I look around and both Dustin and Alice are reading on their Kindles (Kindle Keyboard). I am unloading my heavy Dell computer from my bag which also holds my camera, 4 lenses, 2x converter, 2-2TB external drives along with cords and adapters. That backpack feels like it weighs a ton. Dustin bought his Kindle with birthday and Christmas gifts. Alice’s was an appreciation gift from the team. Probably because they knew that on the last Christmas vacation we had driven 40 miles in Bali to get to a used book store to buy a big stack of books which we then had to take back to sell later! I haven’t broke down. Maybe someday I’ll get a good point and shoot camera and a Kindle Fire! But until then I’ll keep lugging my stuff around! 🙂 I’m glad you are enjoying your Kindle Fire!!

    • Grandpa Marland you definitely need a Kindle fire… and a point and shoot. You’re going to ruin your back carrying that backpack around. Traveling would so much more enjoyable. I really am enjoying my Kindle Fire. It’s a wonderful addition.

      • marlandphotos says:

        It’s not if but when, I think! Nice to get your reply! Hope you are doing fine!

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