Baby Sister’s Grad Party


July 9, 2012 by travelingsole

Kuhns grad parties are epic. Lots of work but then it’s a part-ay. The week before is spent cleaning up the place. This year is the last high school grad party. Six (six instead of seven because Titus and Stephen had theirs together) grad parties since 2000. John Mark had 2. Well his college grad party was with my high school grad so…. Each year there is a hay maze. This year was the best. 2 story hay maze. The kids and adults loved it.

Virginia Sue Kuhns- A miracle that she survived a severe case of RSV as a baby. We thought she was going to die but she fought it and won. Her life has not been an easy one. Because this is the internet and this is not my story… I will not share her story. She has had to work hard to get where she is now. There were quite a few times in high school that she wanted to quit. Many people gave her speeches on why it was important to finish high school. For some people finishing high school is a given. But we have a private high school that is not accredited by the state. Even if you graduate you still have to get a GED to be recognized by colleges as a high school grad. She already has a job and doesn’t plan to go to college for a bachelors or anything…. But she finished. With fantastic grades too.

Virginia has been working for a catering business for over a year. She loves cooking and she loves working. Even when she was madly working to finish school she was working nights and weekends.

She loves dogs. Well she likes all animals but dogs especially. She has two of her own. They are kind of a sore subject with us because the rest of the family doesn’t like her dogs. One barks way too much and the other is fat and lazy and annoying. But she loves those dogs and sticks up for them to the death so they are still here. We forgive her.

Here are a lot of pictures of the celebration of her graduation.

Congratulations to Virginia!

Virginia- The youngest of 7.

175 people came

Good food- Yummy Hawaiian chicken, Ginger Mashed Sweet Potatoes (that needed salt), salad, and lots of fresh fruit.

Volleyball in the shop


The hay maze

Climbing over and through

Hay rides

Corn hole outdoors

Cute little Amish boys

corn hole inside

Four wheeler rides- Michael and Elijah- They rode with me for hours. I gave rides to all the little kids and a few big kids too… Sometimes up to 5 people at a time. (I drove very carefully)

There were lots of cute kids running around…

My “nephew” Felix – Michael’s little brother



Joshy- This kid loved the four wheeler too. It was a sad time when he had to leave.

Cassidy- Twins that my friend Verena nannys (not a real verb but I made it one.) She lives with the family so it’s not babysitting


My “nephew” Michael- Look at those baby blues

Exploring the hay maze.- Isn’t he just too cute?

More volleyball

Crazy best friends of the graduate

Opening gifts.

More of the crazy friends

The last ones are Karrie

Oh yeah here’s another one of the brother and his new-ish girlfriend- They were very faithful driving over every other day over the weekend.

5 thoughts on “Baby Sister’s Grad Party

  1. Lindsay says:

    Aww… I really miss all these people and this home and family!! Congrats Virginia! I still bake those yummy cookie bars in the pan you bought me- and I think of you with a smile everytime!! 🙂

  2. Titus Kuhns says:

    very nice. thanks karleen. this will be cool for record if nothing else.

  3. Priscilla says:

    Nicely done Karleen! It was another fun night at the Kuhns farm!! Your journalling along with the photography is quite a keepsake!

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