Chicago – Millennium Park

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July 11, 2012 by travelingsole

I was tired of writing about Chicago but I have to do one more post. The major highlight of Chicago…. Millennium Park. I love architecture. I personally follow 120+ blogs. I know that sounds outrageous and how do I keep up with them? Google Reader. If I go a week without catching up there are 200+ posts to “read”. The secret is “I don’t actually read all of them”. I scroll through all of them and read when the pictures need explaining. And I read my “friends-in-real-life’s blogs”. 75% of the blogs are about DIY, personal style, etc. I love design. Not that I have any practice besides rearranging my room every few months or so… (yeah when I feel depressed I redo my bedroom- change it up. I just move things around to get a little different perspective of what was already there.) What does that have to do with Millenium Park? Not much.

Another thing about me is that… I. Love. Traveling. Exploring new places. Finding new beautiful cities. I’ve said it before… If I could live in the country or the city I would pick the city. I love the city. I miss Dhaka. Of all places… that dirty, noisy, smelly city. But it was the feel of being able to walk everywhere. I miss that. So what does that have to do with Millennium Park? You decide.

One of the must-go places in Chicago is Millennium Park. It is very modern park. It’s not about the trees and flowers as much as the sculptures, although there is that as well. Millennium Park is where you find the Cloud Gate/The Bean. My huge wall calendar in my office had The Bean as the February picture. I cut the calendar to modify it so that stayed the picture until April. It’s so beautiful.

I thank Tim for sending me this calendar. Folks if you need nuts and bolts in bulk Fasteners Direct is the company for you and Tim is the salesman for you.

I was first inspired to go to Chicago by this calendar. Literally the whole trip was inspired by this picture above. I was sitting my office one day… bored. Over Christmas my cousins and brothers were talking about doing a ski trip to NY. We wanted to go during Spring Break but guess what… it was a very mild winter and there was no snow over Spring Break. So I was sitting in my office staring at this beautiful sculpture and it came to me. Why don’t we go to Chicago instead of NY? It was a meet-in-the-middle city… The idea came to be and the plan was set in motion…

Now on to Millennium Park…

Pictures don’t do it justice but they will give you the best idea without actually being there….

The bridge crossing S Lake Shore Dr is BP Bridge that goes from Grant Park (on the left) over to Millennium Park (on the right)

Grant Park – The flowers and trees park across the freeway from Millennium

The BP Bridge

The bridge walking from Grant Park to Millennium Park (L-R) John Mark, Chris, Denise, Glendon

Jay Pritzker Pavilion – The Lawn/Outdoor Theater

Source – Picture from Explore Chicago website… That would be one amazing concert

Source-Google images

The Bean/Cloudgate. I was so excited at this point!

The inside is the coolest thing. It goes up in the middle creating a unique reflective mirage.

Different angle

From the other side. I love the skyline reflection.

John Mark

The description

We exited through the Nicolas Bridge

To the left of the bridgeway

To the right of the bridgeway

Looking back one last view


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