Lancaster, PA


July 13, 2012 by travelingsole

Trip to Lancaster a few weeks ago. My dear friend Gina King traveled out with me. 🙂 It’s always so good catching up with friends. Terrible and few pictures. Why didn’t I bring my my mom’s awesome camera!?

Yay for red-neck tractor/truck pulls with oodles of Mennonites! I felt so claustrophobic with all the Mennonites around. I’m not used to so many especially ones that I don’t know at a random non-Mennonite event. It was a very fun pull though. Not at all fantastic trucks or tractors but fun. Got see Lyndell all the way from Georgia.

Fabric, second-hand, antique shopping with Kat and Hannah! which one do you want Kristi?

Very cool complicated quilted purse that made me think of Laurie Rolan (isn’t that cool Laurie?)

Met my dear roommate from Faith Builders, Joanne, for dinner with Hannah and Kat. This place has amazing food. Right in Lancaster city on the corner of Queen St and Walnut St

Fantastic, great atmosphere, very cool latte art, good drinks… A young couple from Lancaster Co. own this gem of a coffee shop. It’s located between Prince St and Queen St on Lincoln Hwy right beside Pottery Works Check it out next time you’re in Lancaster.

Here she is… Joanne. Lancaster City is a very artsy beautiful city. They have pianos placed around the city for the public to come along and play. Joanne played a piece for us. 🙂

This fountain was so unique. I tried to get a good picture but I couldn’t get it with my phone camera…. Just go see it sometime. On Walnut St I think??

 Next time I hang out with Hannah and Kat I might actually get a picture of them. Until then I guess I will steal one of their facebook pictures.

Incredible girls Women!  They are my heroes!


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  1. Karen says:

    Great post 🙂

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