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August 2, 2012 by travelingsole

A few weeks ago I went with friends to the far away, exotic country of CANADA. I had been into Canada but never further than the Canadian side of Niagra Falls. That doesn’t even count. Kristi, Krista, Patrick and I went to go visit friends in Waterloo. It was so cool to actually drive down the QEW and see the sights of a different country. I always think of Canada as so similar to the US but it’s not. It’s it’s own country. The road signs are different. It has a different political system, different health care, and they have French speaking people. (Well mostly Quebec has French but Quebec is barely Canadian).

We love our Canadian friends so we decided to make a road trip. We got to see the beautiful cities of Waterloo/Kitchener and Toronto…

And yes I forgot the good camera again so it’s just these… Excuse the grain, blurry photos.

Streets of Waterloo- great little shops all along the boulevard.

Enjoying delicious gelato in Waterloo (L-R) Tamara, Krista, Logan, Patrick, Tory, and Kristi


Kitchener City Hall

Cool restaurant across the street from City Hall


Saturday morning we got a grand tour of Martin’s Fruit Farm. (By the way, all fruit from that area seems to be a lot sweeter than we get in the states. The dirt is just different. Not joking.)

Martins specializes in apples. I never thought about how much an apple goes through to get to the grocery store… Now I know. The apples are stored in those huge crates until the are ready to be washed and waxed and bagged and all the steps in between. But the coolest thing about this is how they empty the crates. They gradually lower the crates into water and the apples float out. No bruising!



Very cool (I’m tired of using that word) intriguing method of organization although I’m not sure what the two random pink stickies are doing between the greens and oranges.


Logan the business major/graduate giving Patrick and Kristi some wise insights.


The new faces of Martins’. (or not)


After the tour we went to Toronto to the Jays vs. Indians game. I’m not a baseball fan at all. In fact this was the first MLB game I was at. It was on my bucket list though. My bucket list includes several things that aren’t “up-my-alley” but I think I should experience.  It was way more fun than I thought it would be. Hanging out with this great group of friends can only yield a good time right?

 The famous CN Tower is right by Rogers Stadium.

It was a fun game even if Cleveland lost. There were 8 home runs in the whole game. That makes it exciting. Afterward we went down to the harbor and out for some smoothies.

I must say I love this picture! I barely stopped when I took it and somehow it turned out really good IMHO. Look at the clouds! And I love the sails! And numbers on the row boats!

View of the Toronto skyline (well part of it.)

We didn’t spend a lot of time exploring Toronto besides walking down to the harbor but it really is a beautiful city. The harbor is well developed and they have lots of touristy things to do. According to the Candians, Toronto is to Canada as New York City is to American.

It was a fantastic mini-vacation!

One little side note yet. They had a lot of apartment buildings that I thought looked very Asian…. I don’t know that’s just how it struck me. Everytime I’m in a new city I miss Dhaka so maybe it was partly sentimental imagination that made me think they’re Asian looking. Am I right or wrong?

Until another day,



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