Another Lancaster Again

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August 28, 2012 by travelingsole

I have been to Lancaster 3 or 4 times this year. Here is pictures from the most recent jaunt out there.

More driving

Lots of tunnels between Ohio and Lancaster. It makes phone calls very disjointed

Hanging out in Lancaster City

Wonderful little Greek restaurant downtown

meeting new friends and hanging out with old friends. (Photo credit- Gloria Martin)


The famous Faith High


The halls that will soon be filled with many students

Ms Scott!

Then the reason for the trip… The wedding of Ruth Strickler and Ian Bennett.

Beautiful outdoor wedding under the trees

In as Ruth Strickler

Out as Mrs Ruth Bennett

Outdoor reception


The statues dressed modestly in togas.

Typical scene with these two. I burned so many calories laughing with them.

Yes they are sane.


May happy years to this amazing couple. They both have contagious smiles. They will bring a lot of joy to Dallas Center, IA.


Just a few more random pictures….

it feels like home when I go to their house

A surprise shower Sunday morning

Saying goodbye for now- (how are you supposed to take self-portraits with huge SLR cameras?)

Hope you all have a very pleasant week.



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