London Calling- Travel Day through Day 2


September 27, 2012 by travelingsole

Edit: I must have been jet lagged still when I posted this… Tuesday we traveled, Wednesday we arrived in London at 645am and spent the day just trying to stay awake and went on a walk to the river. Thursday, Day 2, we went to the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, and walked to Shakespeare’s Globe. I hope that clarifies this all a bit.


Tuesday morning… yes this Tuesday… I can post that up-to-date. It is possible. My brother Glendon kinda insisted that I post every day and since he helping do my job while I’m gone….

Tuesday morning found me at midnight starting to packing. I had picked out my outfits the night before but nothing was in the suitcase until midnight. And I was still doing laundry too. So I packed until 2:15 am then decided to sleep a bit…. 5:45am found me back up getting ready to go the airport. I still had errands to run and 3 hours of driving to reach my 12:15 flight in Pittsburgh. I will spare you the nitty-gritty but I met up with my traveling companion Diana in Pitt on time. Flying through Newark we arrived in London a bit travel-worn but in one piece at 645am London time/1:45pm US time.


Flying out of Newark is a totally different experience than flying out of JFK. The view in take off is way way better. We flew just west of the skyline. We could see Freedom tower, Times Square (it was all lit up, I think it was Times Square), Central Park. In this picture Central Park on the left, Times Square in the middle, and Freedom Tower isn’t on this picture but it is to the left. Too bad it was really dreary weather…

Catching views through the clouds was like finding gold nuggets in your jar of pennies. -Karleen Kuhns The Thames weaves its way through Central London.

Thankfully our dear hostess Susie was there to pick us up at the airport because we were too bleary eyed to find our way via public transport. We did manage to stay up all day until 2pm. It was just too much by 2… By that time, I could hear people talking to me but it sounded like they were far away. I took a one hour nap but then forced myself to “Get up!” I was reading a book to Olivia and my eyes kept closing. But a nice long walk to the park woke us up. *Please start reading this in a British accent*

Samuel in his push chair or car/pram with his wellies/boots on.

Arches everywhere in London. In Chicago it was revolving doors. Here it’s arches.

Canary Wharf

The Thames Path on the North Bank

Samuel with his adorable smile splashing in every puddle we came to.

What a wonderful sleep it was last night. We were out like candles in the wind. We slept until the absolute last minute for breakfast this morning.

Edit: Enter Day 2

This morning we walked to Tower of London, across Tower Bridge, and then along to the Queens Walk to… oh I can’t tell you yet….(it’s a surprise for later in the post. 🙂

A roman centurion and Olivia in front of a section of the old London Wall built by the Romans.

Tower of London – view from the North That is Tower of London the far right.

City Hall (the round fronted stairstepp backed building) and The Shard – a view from Tower Bridge

Tower of London in the fore-ground and the Gherkin (the British word for pickle – the twisty building) in the background – view from Queen’s Walk (South Bank of the River Thames)

Tower Bridge – view from Queen’s Walk

The next pictures are views from the south bank of the Thames….

Houses of Parliament in the foreground, the building being constructed is The Pinnacle (

That is London Bridge. It was a huge let down for me. I expected a grand bridge…

Borough Market – Bread…

… and cheese. It makes me smile and think of Kristi.

Matthew with St. Paul’s Cathedral in the background

Matthew, William, and Olivia

That was our view while we ate a picnic lunch. And behind the photographer?

Are you ready to hear our final destination for this trek?





Yes siree! Kristi and John Mark…. wink wink. No I have never actually read Shakespeare before. But today Diana and I watched “The Twelfth Night”. A brilliant performance that was 3 hrs and 20 minutes long. We had tickets to a sold out show and we stood for the entire 3 hrs and didn’t complain a bit. Absolutely SO worth the 5 pounds. Hysterical!!! Brilliant actors! All the actors are male because in the old days women weren’t allowed on the stage.

Brilliant! (Have I said Brilliant enough?) Brilliant! A must for coming to London. Possibly the highlight of this trip (even though it was only our first day out in the city)

Tonight was dinner at Tandoori Nights in Covent Garden.

An all-around succesful day. We were able to navigate the Tube/Underground (English version of the subway) by ourselves.

I’m tired now. It’s almost 11:30 pm here.

Tomorrow is William’s birthday, Changing of the Guard, Diana Memorial… birthday party… We’ll see what all we can get done.


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  1. Becca says:

    Ok. I’m going to go die of jealousy now.

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