Day 3 London


September 28, 2012 by travelingsole

Edit: Friday was Day 3 not Day 2. Sorry for the confusion.

Good evening again. It’s Friday night here.Today’s list…9am – Westminster Abbey. We just went to the Westminster tube station and walked by Big Ben and the Abbey. We didn’t go inside or anything. We’ll do a tour of St. Paul’s Cathedral instead.

We found an old phone booth today….

Then we kept walking down Victoria St. to New Scotland Yard. Anyone who knows me knows that I love me some spy novels. I have been see all sorts of familiar names from my British books. Charing Cross, Knightsbridge, Kings Cross, Aldgate…. anyway I love spies and detectives…. As were going by the coffee shops on the corners near the Yard we spotted all sorts of people dressed like agents. I was sure I saw a few huddled over a file in the cafe.

Then we walked up around the corner to St. James Park. From “the blue bridge” we had a great view of the London Eye to one side and Buckingham Palace to the other.

After a quick jaunt we arrived at Buckingham Palace

We arrived about an hour and a half before the change of the guard started so we were able to take pictures at our leisure and get a spot with a good view. The actual changing of the guard wasn’t that exciting for me but the bands leading the guards were really cool. It was cool to just be there and witness something that is so famous. The British flag was flying but not the Royal Standard so the Queen was not in the house. But the flag did mean that someone from the royal family was there.

We went west from Buckingham down the Mall to Trafalgar Square. We actually saw these guys then. They have different plumes so they were different guards but it was cool because we got to see them right up close. I could have reached out and touched them as they went by. The band leads and then the guards follow.

Then Trafalgar Square… this is the view from the porch of the National Gallery. Where we saw paintings by Michelangelo and Raphael.

We had lunch at the National Portrait Gallery Restaurant.

Charing Cross Station! Very cool for me.

Then it was back to the flat for a birthday party for William. He turned 9 today. The neighbor children came and they decorated cupcakes. It was a Star Wars themed party. In the foreground you see the brown cake is the planet and the little spaceships surrounding it. They have recently discovered Star Wars and are now very big fans. Not me.

The girls made tiaras and the boys made space ships out of paper and cardboard. Olivia and Cecilia.

Krista this is Bangers and Mash… Remember when we were in Cleveland we couldn’t figure out what it was on the menu. It’s sausages and mashed potatoes.

Time for the kid’s tea time (supper is sometimes called tea). What are we having for tea? is a common question. It’s makes for much more intelligible adult conversation later.

Olivia is a very fashion conscious child. She has been since a young age according to her mum. Olivia was the one that told me it’s not good to wear trainers (tennis shoes) with a skirt. I knew it wasn’t proper, I told her, I didn’t want to walk 2 miles in flats. This morning she liked when I wore my boots. She asked us what our veils are about. I remember her asking me in Bangladesh too but she must have forgotten. “What are they?”. Then tonight she wanted to try it on. 🙂 She looks so grown up.

Tomorrow is the cable cars near the Olympic Stadium, kebobs for lunch, and the No. 15 bus to Covent Gardens to go shopping.

Until tomorrow,

Auntie Karleen (what the kids call me. It always makes me feel so special)

4 thoughts on “Day 3 London

  1. kristi says:

    Heyy!!! you’re being SO faithful posting! Way to go 🙂 Oh my word the Shakespeare place…..amazing….I shed a tear. And I loved the picture of the red telephone booth….Place a call to me next time you walk by one 🙂 We miss you here but it looks like you’re having a fabulous time! It also looks like you’re having a fabulous time while also looking fantastic 🙂 Don’t forget to come home!

  2. gkuhns says:

    Looks like you are having lots of fun. Day3?

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