Final day- Day 8


October 13, 2012 by travelingsole

Wednesday. Last day in London.

In the morning Diana and I babysat Samuel. Lewis and Susie had to give a talk at church so we had the little cutie with blonde hair and blue eyes. We took him for a walk down by the river so he wouldn’t notice that his parents were gone. He loves walks and the park.

Look at him laughing

At one point while I was videoing (yay!) his boot flew off and he said Oh dear! He has this cute habit of him saying things like Oh dear! and Oh my!

We had Samuel until noon. Then we went to this lovely little shop.

The Departure

Diana and I spent several hours here

lots and lots of light through the front

Books everywhere

We had tea and scones

All our books are for sale. Name a price. We will say “yea” or “nay”

and to top it off there was a rickshaw parked outside

After a few hours at The Departure (the best coffee shop I’ve ever been to) we found the energy to hit one more museum on our last day.

The inside of the round wall


History – Medieval St Paul’s Cathedral before the Great Fire of London in 1666

Models of famous London buildings – The Globe

The museum was free and we could breeze through it at our own pace. It was very informational about the history of London.

Typical London calling taxi

After getting back to the house we had a delicious farewell dinner of fish and chips (french fries). I don’t even like fish but that stuff was delicious. Then the hard part of saying goodbye. We had to leave early the next morning.

Saying good bye to all the kids – William and Ben (the neighbor boy)


Matthew and Samuel

Good Bye London. I hope to see you again sometime.



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  1. EJ says:

    double thumbs up on the current blog lay out!

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