Going to the country – Day 6 and 7


October 13, 2012 by travelingsole

The morning of day six was a Monday morning. The kids were going to school for their first day. School was already in session but because of conflicting schedules and such like they hadn’t been able to start at the beginning of the year. They are going back to Bangladesh in January so they’ll only be in school for a couple months. The kids were so excited and nervous. Normally they are home schooled.  They were ready for school early so Susie read to them.

Matthew, Susie, and Olivia

Samuel was running around excitedly “telling” people of his latest discovery. You can’t understand his babbling yet but when he starts talking he’s not going to stop. 🙂 Kinda like kids that never really walk because they go straight to running.

Samuel. I miss those blue eyes and pudgy cheeks.

When it was finally time to leave for school I walked with them as far as the laundromat. One of the things about being away from home for a week is that you might have to do laundry while you are gone. Unless you want to pack a lot of clothes…

My Kindle came in handy here while I waited for an hour.

Around 10 we left for the train station. I work for my dad at Kuhns Mfg. We sell hay accumulators and grabbers. It’s for handling small square bales. Check out our website for more info. http://www.kuhnsmfg.com. Anyway we’ve sold worldwide now for a few years. We have units in S. Africa, France, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, England, etc. We were contacted by a farmer in England that requested being set up as a dealer. There is a big need in the English market for our system. They only get one to two cuttings of hay each year but they need dependable machinery to help cut down on labor costs.

I was planning on going to London to visit my friends and be a tourist anyway so we contacted the farmer to see if he would want to meet up. Arrangements were made and Diana and I left for Sussex Co. which is in the southern part of the country. It was only a couple hours by train. We went to the London Bridge train station and bought tickets.

It was a very comfortable ride.. We couldn’t see much countryside because it wasn’t really that far from the city. We went through quite a few train stations so we were stopping every 10 minutes or so. It wasn’t too different from the tube. It just went farther and faster.

Our final destination was Slinfold. A dot on the map with a pub and our B&B. We were going to stay there for the night and then meet up with Mr. Randall in the morning.

I researched our route before we left so I knew that we needed to catch a bus after the train. Once we arrived in Horsham (our train stop) there weren’t as many signs to show where to go. I didn’t remember exactly which bus we needed. We just asked a very nice local lady which would be the best bus to Slinfold. She was very kind and gave us good directions. She told us we’d have to have the bus stop when we wanted to get off. We got on the bus and paid and I explained to the driver where we wanted to get off. He seemed to have an idea where we wanted off. But a mile down the road we pulled over and the driver was replaced by another driver. I guess it was the end of his shift. So with the new driver I had no idea if he knew where we were going. Our stop was along the main route but I didn’t know if the new driver had a way of telling where everyone wanted off…. I went up front and just explained to him. He had no idea where we wanted off but there were a ton of kind people on the bus. They asked where were going and told the driver exactly where to stop. 🙂

Moral of the story… when you don’t know what you’re doing or where to go ask someone. Everyone was very friendly and extremely helpful. We walked the last 1/4 mile from the stop to Random Hall our beautiful cottage/B&B/hotel.

We entered through the front gate. 🙂 It felt like being in a story book.

A beautiful, quaint, well supplied B&B with very soft beds. They had wifi. 🙂

A chocolate tower. Chocolate filled with ice cream garnished with strawberries.

We had dinner and breakfast at Random Hall. They have a full restaurant and coffee shop. Delicious food and we could get food whenever we wanted. Food is served all day from 7am-9pm.


At 10 the next morning, Mr Randall picked us up in his ritzy, late-model VW, right-hand steering. He took us to his farm and gave us a tour. We took a nice long walk down the road (we didn’t see a single car). We went past all his little fields and went passed houses built in the 15th and 16th centuries. The history in England is so rich. After a long walk we went in for tea. Over tea we discussed business. I gave him all the info I’d brought with me, explained the recent changes in equipment, and explained how our business works. Half an hour later we were done.

He wanted to take us on a drive to show us the countryside. He thought it was shame we didn’t have a couple days to explore. We had to be back to babysit the kids by 7 but we still had plenty of time. He drove us south to the coast. Brighton! Yes, from Pride and Prejudice and all the other old British books. On the way down we stopped here.

Devil’s Dyke- Windy and cold but a beautiful view.

We just drove through Brighton. We didn’t have time to stop anywhere but Mr. Randall knows the history. He grew up in Sussex. We drove along the coast. The piers. The little shops along the boardwalk. Passed the Grand Hotel. The Royal Pavilion a former royal residence. An Indian style castle built for George, Prince of Wales, later King George IV. His doctor told him the sea air would be good for his health. Years later the Pavilion was sold to the city of Brighton when the royal family felt they didn’t have enough privacy there. Now it’s a tourist hotspot.

Source– internet

After a fabulous, too-short trip through Sussex we got dropped back at the train station. After being in the city for a week it felt strange driving in a car. The countryside was beautiful and I’m glad we saw some it. It felt good to be back to the city though.We would have loved to go to Oxford, The Stonehenge, and Windsor Castle… There just wasn’t time.

We made it back to the house by 5. We watched the kids while Lewis and Susie went to a friends for dinner. The kids got to bed at 7-8 so it we mostly were just there. Easiest babysitting ever. 🙂

Two days left. By this point in the trip it was slowly hitting us that were in London, England and our trip almost done. We wanted to stop time.

Day 8 coming soon.


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    your picture where you mentioned yoru kindle is crooked. fwiw… 😉

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