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February 13, 2013 by travelingsole

I want to thank all of you that read my last post. I sounded like a crazy lady ranting. The fact that it was 2600 words is enough to qualify for crazy. Thanks for all your support. I plan to do an edit on that post eventually. Right now I don’t have the energy to reread and edit. It will happen. Sometime. Just not today.

Today’s goal is to post about New Years’ Eve. Two or ten pictures and maybe you will see a post about my trip to Philly… Maybe… We’ll see how much motivation is in the tank today.

On a side note… Yes I’m crazy. Last night I was cleaning my room. Crazy right? 🙂 So I was cleaning my room and I realized that I could not sleep until the walls went from a dirty yellow all scuffed up from furniture marks to white. At 7:30 pm I pulled out the primer, rollers, plastic, and paint brush. I was just going to paint one wall but I couldn’t stop. Half way through I hauled out all the furniture. By 11:30 I had slapped up a gallon of primer. I ran out of primer or the whole room would be primed. Tonight the agenda is purchase another gallon, finish the first coat of primer and start on the 2nd…. 🙂 Yay. I’ve been wanting to do it since August but it just wasn’t happening.

I am still taking suggestions on the color gray. I’m looking for a bright gray. Yes, I said bright. I will paint 2 walls light/bright gray, one wall a little darker shade, and one wall white.

I am also looking for suggestions on a curtain. I want a white sheer curtain with a weave/pattern. Not floral. I want it floor length.





The room will also get furniture rearranged. Bed and dresser switched. Bookshelf on opposite wall. Change out lamp shade. Replace Van Gough painting with a framed world map. Replacing the Mwangi painting with another Mwangi. Frames on window sill will be white.

Taking suggestions.


Karli aka. Crazy Lady



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