Room Makeover


February 21, 2013 by travelingsole

I’m done painting! And I moved all the furniture back into the room.

I decided to go with gray. I used 7073 Network Gray (Sherwin Williams colors) on the darker gray wall (opposite the window) and 7071 Gray Screen on the two lighter gray walls. The fourth wall is going to stay white for now. I might add some color eventually. I like 6737 Kiwi…








I think I’m going to move the Middle Eastern map to the left a bit and add a desk. The dresser in the corner could use a nice paint job and new hardware but it belongs to the homeowner… I’ll see what they say.





The painting to the left of the bookshelf is “Joy” by Peter Mwangi. I bought the painting in Kenya in 2007. It’s actually for sale along with numerous others by him if anyone is interested. Please email me

And one more…


The wall to the left of the window still needs something… Probably some more Peter Mwangi art.

I still need to find curtains. And still taking suggestions.

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