Raleigh Show

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May 14, 2013 by travelingsole

As you know I’m a secretary at Kuhns Mfg LLC. February (yes I know that was a long time ago) is always a really big month for us. We do 5 farm shows in 4 weeks. This show in Raleigh, NC coincided with another show. Since the other salesmen were in Kansas City, I worked this show with one of our local dealers.

I had to drive down because I had to take show materials. Driving provided a great chance to make a stop in Virginia to see some dear friends. It was so good to sit down with Josh and Jean for a couple hours. You can follow their story on their blog In Sickness and In Health.


Jean Marjean and I


My friends Krista and Judith went along. Each night when the show was done I could hang out with them. They saved me from 6 hours of boredom each night.


At the Lebanese restaurant (not a hooka bar)

Working the show

Working the show


By the end of each day I was tired of smiling. Farmers like when you smile. If you’re smiling they stop. We sold 2 units from contacts we made at this show. I really enjoyed those 3 days. It’s always good to get out there and meet the people we are selling to. I met a lot of our customers that I had only talked to on the phone. It was so good to put faces to the voices. (no I don’t hear voices) And to make it even more pleasant they were jolly Southerners.

One guy in particular made my day. He had purchased a show model and was interested in chewing me down on the price. He thought maybe a bribe would work. He said is his Southern drawl, “How about this? I’ll treat you to a nice meal if you give me a break. I’ll give you a seven-course meal. You know what a seven course meal is? A six pack and a hot dog.”

I left with a temporary southern drawl.

Raleigh was a beautiful city.




I wouldn’t mind making this show a yearly trip.




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