My “Nephews”

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June 2, 2013 by travelingsole

I don’t have biological nephews yet but I have a couple adopted ones.

Kennedy Shante T.

One of them is brand new! 🙂 One of my best friends, Amy, and her husband Merlin were blessed with this bundle of joy a month earlier than expected. He was in the hospital for 24 days before he got to come home. Every time I see a picture of him I just want to hop a flight to Iowa and go see him! Sadly, I will have to wait until August.

Kennedy Shante

Kennedy Shante

Michael Lane S.

You probably remember my other nephew Michael from my earlier post. Michael is an amazing little boy. He and his parents were in Texas over his birthday. I called him to tell him happy birthday. He was so excited I called. He told me “Karleen, Karleeen guess what! I saw a cowboy! He was wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy boots!” Later in the phone call I was telling him that I went on an airplane to see someone. He started excitedly yelling about that too. “Dad, Dad! Karleen went plane to Bangdesh! She go on plane to Bangdesh!” 🙂 He still remembers when I left him for 4 months to go to Bangladesh. We haven’t talked about it for a long time but he associates me on airplanes with Bangladesh.

Recently he’s been making friends with some of the other little boys at church. It’s interesting to watch the relationships growing. This last Sunday he was having a bit of a grumpy fit. We were outside and he was yelling at one of the other boys. I brought him over and asked him what he yelling about. He said “I was trying to tell them to be nice. They weren’t being nice.” 🙂 interesting teaching method. I had him look me in the eye and explained that he can’t “grash” (Dutch for yell) at them, but he should smile and share instead. Eye contact with this child is the key. He walked away much happier and I didn’t hear any more yelling. It’s been hard for me to learn that I need to tell him “No” sometimes. But he respects me more and everyone is happier so I’ve been learning. 🙂


He likes to sit with and my mom in church and read Little Critter

He likes to sit with me and my mom in church and read Little Critter

photo (4)

With our friend Joshy at a school picnic. They were inseparable all day. They played “Lions and Tigers”, softball, and had a water fight.

Felix Mark S.

And here’s Felix. He’s appeared a couple times on here.

Felix isn’t as attached to me as Michael was at the same age. I’m working at that. 🙂 Michael helps a lot of Felix. They go everywhere together. Felix loves to play with Michael. I’d like to spend more time with them but I haven’t had enough time. Felix is a very smiles a lot. He’s a very loving child and gives great hugs. He loves books. He doesn’t understand the stories very well yet but he loves them anyway.


Winding up to through me the ball.

Winding up to through me the ball.


yep it actually hit my the edge of my lens. :) No damage thankfully.

yep it actually hit my the edge of my lens. 🙂 No damage thankfully.

This is a little older but the only one of me with both of them.

My boys.

I’m so blessed to have each of these boys in my life. Kennedy, I will come see you as soon I can. Ok baby? Don’t grow up too fast.



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