Street Scenes in Izmir


September 19, 2013 by travelingsole

I don’t remember what I’ve told you already about Turkey. I guess if I don’t remember you might not either. If I repeat myself just skip over what you already know.

I went to Turkey with a Study Tour. We studied history, culture and the Turkish language. (great side benefit is that all 6 credits fulfill a required “International Study Experience” in my minor in International Business) We stayed in Izmir for 4 weeks and studied in the classroom. We left most of our luggage in Izmir (to be transferred straight to Istanbul) and backpacked. From Izmir, we traveled to Cappadocia for 4 days as a group. We enjoyed a more relaxed schedule in Cappadocia. From there we split into smaller groups of 7-10 people and traveled to different areas in Turkey for a week. Then for the last 4 days we met up again as a group in Istanbul. That makes a total trip of 6 weeks.


Backgammon is played on every other street corner and in almost every restaurant.

IMG_8764 IMG_8768 IMG_8775 IMG_8777 IMG_8880 IMG_8895


The tallest building in Izmir is the Hilton.



People ask me about my highlights. I really couldn’t tell you. There were highlights but I can never think of them. I have one memory on the tip of my brain/tongue but I can’t quite remember what it was. All I remember is that I was by the water somewhere. I remember saying “This is the highlight of my entire trip. I could stay here forever. This is my happy place.” I can remember the feeling but not the actual event. I need to have a reunion with all my traveling buddies to remind me. I’ll try to think hard and do a post later about some of my highlights.



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  1. I loved this post very much.

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