Ireland – Days .5, 1 and 2


March 11, 2014 by travelingsole

I’ve traveled a bit in my life. People often ask which country is my favorite. That is a really hard question for me. Each place holds at least a tiny piece of my heart. Bangladesh holds a chunk that I don’t know if I will ever get back. Kenya was the first, so that has a special sentiment. But Ireland is a little like going home. I love the sea. If I had to pick between living in the mountains or living by the sea, there is no doubt I would pick the sea. I could sit and watch the waves for hours.

I’ve heard that Ireland and the Oregon coast are very similar. I hope to experience the Oregon coast for the first time personally this summer. I hope it’s the same. There is nothing like standing at the top of the cliffs and watching the waves crash across the rocks. Sitting in the soft green grass and just resting. Hearing the waves and smelling the salt water.

Along the Coastal Walk

Along the Coastal Walk

We arrived in Dublin by 10 am and after a few stops along the way we got to Dunmore East around 1 on that Friday afternoon. (a month ago) we didn’t make it to the coast the first day. I wanted to go every single day. Dunmore is 5 minutes from the Irish Sea but the weather was quite foul. Very windy and cold and wet. That first day doesn’t really count though because we were tired from traveling and we got there half way through the day.

First Day

Saturday morning Bekah and her flatmates and I made breakfast together.

Becca Yoder on the left and Bekah Rolan on the right.

Becca Yoder on the left and Bekah Rolan on the right. They both work in the bakery at Jaybees.

Bekah and I were best friends growing up. She lived 2 doors down and we carpooled to school. Her little sister Hannah and my little sister Ginia are best friends too. Bekah is in Ireland for a couple years to work at the bakery. When very cheap tickets popped up on the internet Ginia and one of her friend’s family planned to go. When they told me about it, of course, I jumped at the chance to go.


I brought Bek some good ole Ohio Maple Syrup so we had pancakes for breakfast.

That first day we went shopping. When you are in a foreign country it’s a must.


Market area in Waterford – See the Penny’s sign straight ahead. Best store ever! Those ladies are all carrying Penny’s bags. They were have a sale on scarves. 4-5 € each. Girls’ Heaven!

There is an amazing Book Centre on this street. It is a book store with 4 levels and a cafe. It’s all open so you can look down from the top level and see the bottom level. As you sip on a cup of tea or a latte you can read any of the books on the shelves. We ran into other people we knew and had a grand party.

photo (15)

My sister Ginia and Bekah.

photo (16)

At the little Asian shop we found Chanachur! Brought back memories of Bangladesh.

photo (17)

That evening we went back to Dan’s apartment (my friends Anita, Esther, and Hannah’s parents). Virginia and the Miller family were staying there in the apartment. The Millers invited some of the youth over for the evening and we had Dooley’s fish and chips. They were very kind and bought a piece of chicken for me since I don’t eat fish.

Second Day

Sunday morning we went to church and then home for a nap. Then FINALLY to the sea! That’s when I felt like I was home. Something about this view calms my soul.

photo 2 (4)

Standing on a "hedgehog" and laughing our heads off. I laughed more there in a week than I had in a long time. You gotta love Rolan humor.

Standing on a “hedgehog” and laughing our heads off. I laughed more there in a week than I had in a long time. You gotta love Rolan humor. Bekah I miss you again! (Photo Credit Violetta)

photo 3 (3)

My new friend Violetta (Vee-oh-leta)

O Ireland!

More to come….


6 thoughts on “Ireland – Days .5, 1 and 2

  1. Marlene says:

    I like your hat. Did you make it? (The rest of the post was cool, too. 😉

  2. Lydia Kaufman says:

    Thanks for taking the time to share Ireland & Beka’s world with us! God bless you. Very interesting…. Frm lydia

  3. Blythe says:

    I want to go to Ireland and it’s coast sooooo BAD!!!!!!!! If you ever go again let me know!:)

    • OK Blythe! 🙂 I think Ireland should be on everyone’s bucket list. It is a very beautiful country. I’ve heard the Oregon coast is similar. I’m going to Oregon this summer so I’ll let you know then if I think it would be an okay alternative.

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