Ireland – Day 3


March 18, 2014 by travelingsole

Monday, February 10th was day 3. Bekah needed to work at the bakery so the rest of us went to Blarney Castle and Cork for the day. I had been to Blarney Castle twice before but I figured it would be fun again. Besides they say the second time you kiss the stone it cancels out the first “gift of the gab.” The legend being that if you kiss the Blarney Stone, reached at the top of 200 steps, you receive the gift of eloquence or “the gab.” So the third time of kissing the stone may have blessed me with a double portion or maybe not. My word dispenser still gets stuck entirely too often.


Coffee on a cold morning – Photo credit Deborah Miller


Pretending to be stuck in the dungeon. Photo credit Deborah Miller


The lovely Miller family. (too much light I know…David is glowing)




Ginia and I – photo credit Deborah Miller


After Blarney went on a short walk on the grounds. One map showed that it would take 2+ hours to walk some of the trails. We visited the fern garden on our walk. It was like stepping into a hidden paradise. They’d imported fern trees from Australia.


After Blarney we went to the city of Cork to explore. Cork has an old English Market and many shops downtown. We wandered from shop to shop, taking in the sights and culture. We stopped at The Wholy Grain for lunch.




IMG_6023 IMG_6024

An art gallery and many wishes that we had bigger suitcases later, we headed back for Dunmore East.


2 thoughts on “Ireland – Day 3

  1. CH says:

    love seeing these pictures…but it makes me want to see you again!!!! Sounds like a lovely time and lovely travel companions!

  2. Diane Beachy says:

    Ahhh, STOP!! My heart rate has sped up since all these pictures! What dear memories, and what fervent wishes to go again! I’m overjoyed for you dear and hope you have only the best time there. God bless you!

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