Ireland – Day 4

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March 22, 2014 by travelingsole

Tuesday is Bekah’s day off. We decided to spend most the day relaxing and then meet up with the others later in the day. Ginia and the Millers went to Hook Lighthouse and Tintern Abbey. Bekah and I went out for breakfast in Dunmore East.

I remember eating breakfast here with Esther and Jean a couple years ago.

The Bay Cafe

The view  from the Cafe

The view from the Cafe

After breakfast we decided to go to Woodstown Beach. I had never been to a sandy beach in Ireland. It was only a couple minutes from the flat.





Around noon the others picked us up and we headed out to the boys camp. The camp is about an hour west of Dunmore. We took a little detour through the mountains for a picnic lunch. The mountains feel a bit like the moors with sheep wandering through the tall grasses.


Sheep farmers let their sheep wander the mountains. Each sheep has a spot of paint to identify it.


We had a view of Mahon Falls off in the distance.

The Mahon Falls

The Mahon Falls

It was a good idea to have a picnic lunch but it ended up being too cold. We sat out for a while but the wind coming up through the mountains was frigid. We moved back into the van after a few minutes.

Eating lunch in the freezing cold

Eating lunch in the freezing cold

IMG_6082 IMG_6085

Comeragh is a Wilderness camp for boys that are having trouble in school or at home. The camp is modeled after camps in the US like Fair Play Camp and Ohio Wilderness Boys Camp. Click on the links to read more about the work they are doing.


One of the sleeping tents


A grass covered roof. Chief Quentin has been known to crawl up on the roof and trim the grass.


The forest is ethereal.




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