Ireland- Last Day

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April 17, 2014 by travelingsole

I almost forgot I didn’t post the last day of my trip to Ireland. Wow that was 2 months ago.

The last day in Ireland was a Wednesday. We got up early (5:30?) to go to the bakery. Bekah normally works alone on Wednesdays so it was the perfect chance for me to go to work with her. Bekah let me make the scones. šŸ™‚ It’s mostly premixed and she did the hard part of folding ingredients but technically I made scones. Even Caleb said they were good. Bekah was right when she said they are best fresh. Fresh out of the oven… mmm. I have to stop now this is making me hungry.


I also put the spelt bread in pans.

IMG_6117 IMG_6122

I cut the apples for the tarts and Bekah made them.



We were done 11 and could go home for a “nap”. If I remember right IĀ didn’t actually take a nap.


He guards the door


The front door at the Barristown flat

I think we went shopping after lunch. I forget. Then later we took tea and biscuits to the school teachers. We had a little tea party on the floor in Hannah’s classroom.

Then we finally went to the cove again. There were high winds that day. High winds, I mean strong winds, like 100 kph winds. There was foam in the air. The waves were crashing in and then wind caught them filling the cove with foam. It looked like snow.



Up to her knees in foam. She's standing on the road.

Up to her knees in foam. She’s standing on the road.

IMG_6150 IMG_6153 IMG_6155 IMG_6162 IMG_6165 IMG_6177

That night the electricity went off. We made a fire and all gathered in the living room to make hot dogs over the fire and stay warm. We had a “reading” night. Although, we mostly talked.


It was a cozy relaxing way to end a wonderful trip. The next morning we were up at 3am to catch the bus to Dublin and our flight home.



It was a very long trip home. The last leg of our flight was canceled due to snow, so we ended up driving from Newark to Dulles. We retrieved our car, returned the rental and then kept on moving to Stuarts Draft. IMG_2413The next morning we made the 7 hr drive home. It was all worth it.

And since I miss her so much I have to post this picture again.

Standing on a "hedgehog" and laughing our heads off. I laughed more there in a week than I had in a long time. You gotta love Rolan humor.

Standing on a “hedgehog” and laughing our heads off. I laughed more there in a week than I had in a long time. You gotta love Rolan humor.


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