Michael is 6


April 10, 2015 by travelingsole

It’s hard to believe that Michael is 6. His birthday was Tuesday. It feels like yesterday that he was this chubby cheeked little baby.

My "nephew" Michael

How can you resist those eyes?


Karli, Michael, Waldo on 4 wheeler

Michael went to Kindergarten this spring. He loved school! He can’t wait to go to first grade. I stopped in to see him there a couple times. He was always so proud of his little TV tray desk.

For his birthday I got to have both boys for the afternoon. I took them to Dairy Queen for lunch. They love hot dogs.


Next we went to Walmart to let Michael spend $6 and get a few other birthday presents from me. He scored big time. He got a toy turtle, a puzzle, a swimming shirt with a shark on it, and some sidewalk chalk. I also gave him a couple Dinosaur Train books and a dinosaur sticker book. Anything with dinosaurs or sharks and he’s a happy camper.

After Walmart we had to go to the library. They know exactly where the dinosaur books are kept. At the library there is a train set that Felix likes to play with. On this particular day there was a very naughty little two year old that wanted to help. I felt so bad for Felix because she kept coming over and stealing all the trains off the track. Or she would pick up a line of track and toss it back in the box. The parents were both there. They looked like high school kids. They just kinda grinned and said “Oh she doesn’t ever play with other kids.” Felix looked heartbroken but he just kept playing. A few times I thought he might cry but he was very nice to her. At one point he said “She’s littler than me and she’s not nice.” Poor kid. 🙂 Finally I just told him maybe he could play with something else until she left.

They are geniuses when it comes to puzzles. Last year for Michael’s birthday I gave him another dinosaur puzzle. When I bought it I thought it might be a little too hard but he rose to the challenge. This new one was a breeze for them. Felix is only 3 and he gets pieces in too.


Michael could talk about dinosaurs all day long. He knows all the different kinds and how big they are. Felix is picking up on it too. Felix has a hard time speaking clearly but he knows big words like Pteranodon, Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and many others.


He loves his new Dinosaur sticker book.

He loves his new Dinosaur sticker book.

And his new turtle

And his new turtle

Michael is so good with Felix. Like I said earlier Felix has a hard time pronouncing is his words. For example instead of saying ribbit, ribbit for his frog he says “Riddit, Riddit.” Or instead of Karleen it’s “Dareen” or “Mital” instead of Michael. He talks a lot and I can almost always understand him. But every once in a while Michael has to translate for me. I noticed that often Michael will automatically translate. If Felix is talking, Michael will just say what Felix said so I for sure understand. Michael is very protective and Felix follows him everywhere.


Felix always gets a few things on Michael’s birthday too. He loves that frog.


Don't take my frog

Don’t take my frog


Michael was very happy on his birthday. He kept saying “Today is so much fun.” At lunch he was staring out the window with a smile on his face. I asked him what he was looking at and said “Nothing. I was just thinking.”




Happy Birthday Michael!!

These two are best friends

These two are best friends


3 thoughts on “Michael is 6

  1. caritabk says:

    This is such a beautiful post. I love these pictures and thinking of the fun time you have with them.

  2. Irene Byler says:

    I loved having Michael in Kindergarten and he quickly informed me about his dinosaur books, etc. These are good pictures! You are a good “Auntie” 🙂

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