Dining Room After


January 26, 2016 by travelingsole

The dining was a garage without a garage door. It was two steps down from the kitchen and not insulated. There were a drab set of cabinets for additional storage and my well was in the middle of the room. During the renovations the roof and walls were taken down to the foundation and rebuilt. The heating ducts ran through the floor joists and the floor was raised to the same level as the kitchen. A large picture window and sliding glass door were added to bring more natural light to that side of the house. The old garage was split into a laundry room, entryway, and dining room.



2014-07-31 09.40.25

During… in this picture the home wrap covers the new door and picture window. Fyi, that is not me on the roof 🙂



Dining Room before



I had a little trouble deciding what to do with the base of the wall. The foundation wall stuck out 12 inches wider than the rest of the wall. We ended up turning it into a ledge around half the room. We worked the ledge into the steps to the sliding glass door. It’s awkward now because going out the door it’s two steps up to the threshold then a step down to the ground outside. I kept it that way because the back yard slopes down to the house and I didn’t want any water problems in the dining room. I plan to add a wrap-around deck in the back in the future.

And now for some after pictures. My friend Matt who helped me through all the renovations told me that I need to add some more interesting curtains. 🙂 I’m starting to think he is right. I’ll take suggestions. I would also love to add crown moulding. One day.

IMG_8285IMG_8286IMG_8287IMG_8288IMG_8289IMG_8290IMG_8291IMG_8292The dining room also doubles as my sewing room. The bench on the right doubles as storage. I’m also noticing that my mending pile is getting quite large…

Stay tuned. The bathroom is next.


One thought on “Dining Room After

  1. Jewel G. says:

    It’s fun hearing about the transformation again! I love that you have plants…I think plants add so much warmth and life to a room. As for the curtains, well, I like the simplicity of the white. Those amazing windows don’t need distraction. 😉

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